Woman, age 41.

  • Question: Hello! what can replace injectable doxycycline?
    There is doxycycline in the form of capsules, as well as I can not find injection. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Answer: Doxycycline exists in the form of capsules and tablets.

Man, Age 29.

  • Question: Does the simultaneous adoption of the Effectiveness and doxycycline- ofloxacin? Chlamydia was detected. Doctor prescribed 9 days of doxycycline and ofloxacin 10 days ..

Answer: Preparations of different groups of antibiotics. In some cases, prescribe
several different groups of antibiotics. As far as it is necessary –
decides physician.

Woman, Age 40.

  • Question: Hello. Amoksilav doctor appointed for streptococci
    (Streptococcus agalactiae), but it is allergic.
    Prompt, please, than it can be replaced. Do fit doxycycline (it normally stand), if it is in list of sensitive products in the results of seeding on

Answer: If the sensitivity is, in theory, change is possible.
Always, after consulting your doctor.

Man, Age 38

  • Question: 2 months ago I was treated for a ureaplasma Yunitabsom now
    again I have ureaplasma doctor prescribed treatment with doxycycline, and treatment of 7 days. I think this the drug is no longer necessary to assign, ETOGES analogue and too IPC 7 days of treatment. Am I right?

Answer: If you have been treated JUnidoks, then yes it is doxycycline. It is necessary to inform this doctor and adjust treatment.

Man, Age 34.

  • Question: Hello, take the drug Doksibene third day (2m / day, in the morning and
    evening) escalated terribly sensitive teeth and inflamed mouth, eat and drink very painful, whether it is connected to the reception tablets and how to remove these side effects can Calcium drink parallel, help me please!

Answer: It is possible that the problems associated with taking the drug. Such
side effects reported for doxycycline. Obtain full-time
consult your doctor may need replacing

Man, Age 32

  • Question: Good afternoon. I am in China now. I have a balanoposthitis. I
    drank three pills JUnidoks Solutab-go improvements. but more pills there was no Chinese doctor ordered minocycline. but his reception improvements were not significant and everything was back then snova.mozhet whether it be that JUnidoks. It helps, and minocycline not? They are both based on tetracycline.

Answer: Maybe the infection is more sensitive to doxycycline. Or
It is to change the group of antibiotics. Talk to your doctor, though
to the network.

Man, Age 25

  • Question: Hello, the question is whether it is possible to use doxycycline as immune drug for prostatitis infection. Thanks in advance!

Answer: You can only use the best Immunal tablets.