How to take antibiotics?

How to take antibiotics?

Regardless of whether you treat bronchitis, pneumonia or enteric infection, antibiotics must be made according to certain rules.

  • Firstly, it should be a continuous course. Typically, bronchitis enough weeks of (in treatment of azithromycin – five days). By the end of the course the symptoms should disappear.
  • Secondly, in the treatment of antibacterial agents in their blood must be kept constant concentration. For this purpose it is necessary to drink tablets at regular intervals. Note medicines are taken at different magnification. Thus amoksiklav designed to receive two times a day, in drinking sumamed 1 time per day.
    Third, if antibiotics have to monitor their effect. If within 48 hours there was no improvement, this suggests that antibiotics do not work, and it must change.

What to choose?

In the treatment of bronchitis several groups of antibiotics used in the form of tablets.


  • Action: drugs destroy the cell wall components of bacteria, resulting in their death.
    The most frequently prescribed: amoxicillin (Augmentin, Arlette).
    Features. In humans, no components that would be structurally similar to the bacterial cell wall. Consequently, the drugs act only on the microbes and do not cause harm to the body. But do not forget that most often cause penicillin allergy.


  • Action: break the formation of the protein in bacterial cells, causing bacteria lose their ability to reproduce.
  • Most often prescribed: azithromycin (sumamed), roxithromycin.
  • Features. In protracted course of the disease can be treated by macrolide long enough, without fear that they will bring harm. This group – drugs of choice in the treatment of bronchitis in pregnant women and young children. Medications hardly penetrate into breast milk, so they can be used even nursing.

“Respiratory” fluoroquinolones:

  • Action: fluoroquinolones violate formation of DNA molecules of bacteria, causing their death.
    Most often prescribe: levofloxacin (Tavanic), moxifloxacin.
    Features. These tools are highly effective for bronchitis, but they are quite expensive. Fluoroquinolones have a broader spectrum of activity than those in the previous group, so the duty of taking a few more likely to cause goiter.

Which antibiotic is better?

This question is often heard at the doctor. Fortunately, there’s an answer.
As funds are the first line of penicillin that is administered it is their first. If the patient is allergic to them, or the microbes are resistant, then choose macrolides. When they for some reason do not “work”, go to fluoroquinolones.

Generally, treatment is limited to these three groups, but in the treatment of bronchitis may be used and other antibiotics (tetracyclines, cephalosporins etc.). The different clinical situations require different approaches, and determine when and what better tool can only physician. So if you get sick, the first thing you need to do – is to go to a clinic or doctor to call home. Entrust your health professionals, and you will not have to face the consequences of unjustified medication.